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Ex Libris Association

About Us

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The ELA is the Canadian national association interested in historical and current issues about libraries, archives, publishing houses, and related institutions and people. Membership is open to all interested parties, but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired persons.

What We Do?

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  • ELA's Annual General Meeting. ELA members meet annually at an AGM.
  • ELA boards and committees–members plan and promote activities to further ELA goals; other members may attend these board meetings; ELA cooperates with other organizations on matters of mutual interest, e.g., with CLA it sponsors the W. Kaye Lamb award for excellence in library services to seniors;
  • ELA publishes ELAN our newsletter, regularly and other items on occasion;
  • Sponsor sessions with other groups and participates in advocacy on a national issues;
  • ELA engages in a variety of historical initiatives related to archives, libraries, publishing houses, and other cultural organizations;
  • ELA maintains a website, a electronic mailing list for its members and a Facebook page;
  • ELA publishes Occasional papers, reports, and articles by members.

ELAN—the Ex Libris Association Newsletter

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ELAN is ELA's newsletter of articles, reminiscences, pictures, and news;

ELA's historical resources

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