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University of Alberta: School of Library Information Studies

By John Wright

Notable Events

The Coburn Report explores the location of a library school at the University of Manitoba, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Alberta.
The Board of Governors of the University of Alberta decides to establish a Library School; the Edmonton campus is designated.
Sarah Rebecca Reed is appointed as the first Director of the new School.
The School of Library Science offers a BLS as the first professional degree.
The School's first quarters are in the Education Library.
The School receives its first accreditation
The School moves to permanent quarters in the Rutherford Library.
Sarah Rebecca Reed resigns, and Mary E. P. (Betty) Henderson succeeds her as Director.
The School offers an MLS as a second professional degree.
The School becomes the Faculty of Library Science with Mary E.P. (Betty) Henderson as its first Dean.
The B.L.S. is replaced by a two-year MLS as the first professional degree.
1988The School becomes the Faculty of Library and Information Studies.
1989The Faculty undergoes a status review from the President's Advisory Committee on Campus Reviews (PACCR).
1990The Faculty Mission Statement is approved.
1991The Faculty becomes the School of Library and Information Studies within the Faculty of Education
Dean Sheila Bertram continues as Director.
The School's Library-Laboratory is named Henderson Hall in honour of the School's first Dean.
The MLIS Goals and Objectives are approved.
The first PhD in Library and Information Studies is granted.
The program is reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
1992The MLIS Vision statement and Motto are approved.
2000 The second PhD in Library and Information Studies is granted.

Deans And Directors

1967- 1971 Sarah Rebecca Reed
1971- 1976 Mary E. P. (Betty) Henderson
1976- 1979 Charles H. Davis
1980- 1984 William J. Kurmey
1984- 1987 John G. Wright
1987- 1996 Sheila K. Bertram
1996 - 2003 Alvin Schrader
2003 - Anna Altmann

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