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Université de Montréal: École de Bibliothéconomie et des Sciences de L'information

By Marcel Lajeunesse

Notable Events

Creation of the École de bibliothécaires (Library School)
Introduction of the Bachelor of Library Science (BLS)
Creation of the École de bibliothéconomie (School of Library Science)
Last degrees conferred and closing of the École de bibliothécaires
Bachelor of Library Science (BLS) program increased from one to two years
First American Library Association accreditation obtained
Master of Library Science (MLS) program launched
ALA accreditation renewed
1979Major reform of the Master's program
1982Specialization in Archival Studies option added to the Master's program
1983Certificate in Archival Studies created
Name change to École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information (ÉBSI) (School of Library and Information Science)
1985Master of Library Science (MLS) changed to Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
1989Major reform of Master's program
1993ALA accreditation renewed
1997PhD in Information Science introduced
1998Major reform of Master's program
Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) changed to Master of Information  Science (MIS)
2001ALA accreditation renewed
Certificate in Digital Information Management created
2003 Major reform of the Certificate in Archival Studies program
First PhD in Information Science awarded to Christine Dufour

Chairpersons and Directors

1961-1970 Laurent-G. Denis
1965-1967 Réal Bosa (Acting Chair)
1970-1972 Richard Kent Gardner
1972-1973 Marcel Lajeunesse (Acting Director)
1973-1977 Georges Cartier
1977-1978 Yves Courrier
1978-1981 Daniel Reicher
1981-1982 Suzanne Bertrand-Gastaldy (Acting Director)
1982-1983 Marcel Lajeunesse (Acting Director)
1983-1987 Richard Kent Gardner
1987-1994 Marcel Lajeunesse
1994-2001 Gilles Deschatelets
2001- Carol Couture

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