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Library Technician Program Development in Canada (Chronology to 2015)

by Jean Weihs

Some of the data is incomplete. Dates in parentheses following a personal name indicate that information about the person was found associated with that date.
The information below is listed by province and includes date of establishment (and date of closing, if applicable); special aspects; method of program delivery, names and dates of heads of programs (titles vary: director, coordinator, program head, program chair, etc.)


MacEwan University

Edmonton (originally Grant MacEwan Community College, then Grant MacEwen College).
URL: www.gmcc.ab.ca

Opened 1971 Day program with some onsite WebCT components
1971-1972S. Subbarao
1972-1975Marilyn Neuman
1975-1981Ann Curry
1981-2010Tony Fell
2010–Norene James

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Calgary (program originally provided by Mount Royal College, Calgary, sometime before 1973). URL: www.sait.ab.ca

Opened 1967 Day program; evening courses suspended; first distance education course 1979; expect that by 2006 all courses will also be available by Internet access.
1967-1973Martin Foss
1973-1975Bill Manson
1975-1986Gary MacDonald
1987-1990Margaret Anderson
1991-1995Mike Parkinson (Program Supervisor)
1996-2003Mike Parkinson (Team Leader)
2000-2002Willem Sijpheer (Coordinator)
2004-2011 2011-Mike Parkinson (Coordinator) Sandra Lee

British Columbia

Langara College

(formerly Vancouver City College and Vancouver Community College; name changed to Langara College in 1994) URL: www.langara.bc.ca

Opened 1966 One-year certificate program until 1971; two-year diploma program 1971- . Day program: full program; classroom and on-line options available.
1966-1969Marjorie Sing
1969-1974Virginia Chisholm
1974-1988Joan Anastasiou
1988-1991Marilyn Ming
1991-1995Ann Calla
1995-1996Ann Calla and Guy Robertson
1996-1998Ann Calla
1998-2005Jacqueline Bradshaw
2005-2011Carol Elder
2011-Susan Burdak

University of the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford (originally Fraser Valley College to 1991)
URL: www.ucfv.ca/libtech

Opened 1980 One-year program with option to take second year at Langara College 1980-1982; two-year program 1982- . 3 optional streams: Library, Records Management, Information Technology. Day program; a few courses offered both day and online. Full program online option in collaboration with Langara College.
1980-1996Pat Sifton
1996-1997Kim Isaac
1997-1998Tim Atkinson
1998-1999Kim Issac
1999-2002Tim Atkinson
2002-2006Jan Lashbrook Green
2007-Christina Neigel


Red River Community College

Winnipeg (originally Manitoba Institute of Technology, 1962-1967; Manitoba Institute of Applied Arts, 1968-1969; Red River Community College, 1970- .
URL: www.rrc.mb.ca/Catalogue?ProgramInfo.aspx?ProgCode=LIBIF-DP&RegionCode=WPG

Opened 1962 one-year Library Assistant program, 1962-1969; one-year Library Technician program, 1978-1993; two-year program, September 1993- . Day and distance education. Student intake in odd-numbered years coordinated with intake at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology where intake in even-numbered years. (Library Training Certificate is also available on completion of seven courses.)
1962-1969Gertrude Perrin
1969-1973Michael Angel
1973-1974Jane Davidson
1974-1978Judi Dowall; 1977-1978 Linda Coupal
1978-1981Nancy Bridges; Paul Nielson
1982-1989Margaret Ann Fowler; 1981-1985 Ganga Dakshinamirta; 1987-88 Bonita Cobb
1989-1990Diana Guinn; Tamara Opar
1991-1993Paula Noyes (1991-Position of coordinator discontinued); Tamara Opar
1990-2007Instructor: Jo Ann Brewster; 1990- Paula Noyes
1993-2005 2005- 2007-2010 2010-Instructor: Patricia Routledge Instructor: Brian Rountree Instructor: Sherri Volkey Instructor: Tabitha Ann Nordby

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Community College

Halifax (program originally at the Kingstec Community College in Kentville (1985-1992); additional program at NSCC (1992-1993); in 1994 Kingstec became part of NSCC as the Kingstec Campus; Kingstec program moved to Halifax and amalgamated with NSCC program in 2001). Since 2004 Memorial University in Saint John's, Newfoundland, has had a Memorandum of Agreement with NSCC that allows Memorial students to get certain credits transferred to NSCC for credit towards a diploma. URL: www.nscc.ns.ca

Opened 1985 Day program and distance education, Internet
1985-1996Laura Draper (Kingstec)
1992-1998Carol Compton-Smith (NSCC)
1996-2001Harvey Ratchford (Kingstec)
1998-2001Marlene Mortimore (NSCC)
2001-2004Marlene Mortimore and Harvey Ratchford
2004-Harvey Ratchford, Joanne Doucet, and Joanne Hodder


Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Ottawa. URL: www.algonquincollege.com
Originally opened 1967, discontinued 1968, reopened 1970; bilingual program until 1989 when French-language program transferred to La Cité. Day and continuing education

1967-1968 Jim Feeley
1970-1971Maureen McCormack Brown
1971-1980Peggy Scott White (English Section)
1980-1986Jean Painter
1986-1987Annette Bouvier
1987-1998Jean Painter
1998-2006Janet Jacobsen
2006 2009 2009-Mac Nason Helena Merriam
1971-1989André Houde (French Section called Bibliothèquenique)

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967, closed 1980; final graduation 1982. Courses offered through continuing education to mid-1970s, then one course offered in day program in addition to continuing education (information incomplete)

1967-1968K. V. Perry
1968-1970Ruby Lee Collins
1970-1972Maryanne Buchowski
1972-1973George Tompkins
1973-1974Maryanne Buchowski
1974-1977Dick Pentney
1978-1982Adolphe Amadi

La Cité collègiale

Opened 1989 (transferred from Algonquin CAAT), closed 1999; French language program; day, evening

1989-1991Andre Houde
1991-1999Joanne Cournoyer

Durham College


Opened 2013; daytime only.

URL http://www.durhamcollege.ca/programs/library-and-information-technician

2013- Susan Pratt

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1970, closed 2000; last enrolment 1998. Closed because college did not support programs with small enrolments that needed technological upgrades. Day and occasional evening and correspondence courses.

1970-1977Clifford Weaver
1977-1993Shirley Edgar
1994-2000Marie Wiley

Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1983, closed 1999. Part-time evening and Saturdays. Managed by a group of three – a Part time Studies Manager, an advisory committee chairperson, and the Learning Resource Centre Library Director.

Part time Studies Program Managers:
1983-1984Laurie Jones
1984-1987Lynne Stevenson
1988-1994Janet Arnett
1994-1996Lesley Gordon
1997-1998Carol Greenwood
1998-1999Rosemary Gardner
Advisory Chairs:
1984?-1993Janet Isles
1993-1994Dianne Auguston
1994-1998Katherine Wallis
1998-1999Joanne Comper
Learning Resource Centre Directors:
1984-1989Phil Hull
1990-1996Michele Beaudoin
1997-1999Jennifer Varcoe

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay
Opened 1966, closed 2002. B.A. program in Library and Information Studies 1988-1990 (four students allowed to continue and graduate 1991).

1966-1972Dan Sudar
1972-1986Fred McIntosh
1986-1987Leonora Aedy
1987-2002Margaret McLean

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1975; extension program only; gradual move to Internet-delivered program begun in 1994; in-class courses ended 1999; Internet-delivered only program.
URL :htt://disted.mohawkcollege.ca/library

1975-1982 Wendy (Moriarity) Newman
1982-1983Harry Campbell
1983-2000Lois Wall
2000-Dolores Harms Penner

Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967, closed 1988; information about the program unavailable

1967-1988Robert Bowman

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute

Opened 1967, closed 1983 when Ryerson became a university (students given five years to complete their studies through continuing education). Two-year program; day and part-time; one year special fast track for those with a BA option

1967-1973Muriel Morgan
1974-1980Dean Tudor
1980-1983Ian Dutton

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967; 1967-1969 one-year programme; 1969-1976 two-year program; closed 1976

1967-1974Eleanor Haddow
1974-1976Dev Bala Tuti

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967; two-year program; day and continuing education; accelerated day program option.
URL: www.senecac.on.ca

1967-1968 Alexis Jamieson
1968-1986Jean Weihs
1986-2003Frances Davidson-Arnott
2003-Deborah Kay

Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1970, day and continuing education; Health Science option 1974-1981; Information Technology Certificate (continuing education) 1985-1992; Mississauga Library Skills certificate 1986-1988; Online Distance Education 1996-2000; program closed 2000

1970-1974Hal Mowat
1974-1983Geraldine Hughes
1983-2000Marion Wilburn


Cégep de Jonquière

Opened 1966; ceased admissions 2003, program closed 2005.

1966-1971Léonard Nadeau
1971-1977Roland Aubut
1977-1980Bernard Charbonneau
1980-1983Louise Gagnon-Arguin
1983-1985Guy Mongrain
1985-1988Roland Aubut
1988-1991Guy Mongrain
1991-1994Louise Lapointe
1994-1996Guy Mongrain
1996-1998Suzanne Bourgault
1998-1999Guy Mongrain
1999-2001Francine Chagnon
2001-2003Suzanne Bourgault
2003-2005Louise Lapointe

Cégep de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Rouyn (name originally Collège du Nord-Ouest)
Opened 1966; closed ?; Information incomplete

1966-1985?Fleurette Cotnoir
1986-1987Louise Lanouette
1988-1995?Françoise Gagnon

Cégep de l'Outaouais

Opened 1969; information incomplete.
URL: www.cegepoutaouais.qc.ca

1969-? Louise Blanchet
1974-?Roger Corneau
1986-1987Danielle Thibault
1988-1990Marthe Francoer
1992-1993Roger Corneau
1994-1995Isabelle Lesage
1995-1999Roger Corneau
2003- 2005 2005-2007 2007-2011 2011-Danielle Thibault Clarisse Bélanger-Gill Sylvie C. Morin Lucie Pagé

Cégep de Maisonneuve

Opened 1968; day program; evening courses discontinued 2001. Information incomplete.
URL: www.tdo.cmaisonneuve.qc.ca

1968-? Michel St. Pierre
1986-1987Ginette Allard
1988-1989Michel St. Pierre
1990-1995Ginette Allard
1996-1997Pierre Manseau & Michel Saint-Pierre
1997-2000Katy Simard
1999- 2003 2003-2007 2007-2010 2010-Nicole René Ginette Allard Guy Champagne Luce Anne Courchesne

Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Opened 1968.
URL: www.cegeptr.qc.ca

1968-1983 Roland Girard
1983-1990Clémence Vaudrin
1990-1993Yves Ducasse
1993-1994Denise Blanchard
1994-1995Nicole Malo
1995-2000André Thibault
2000-2001Richard Loranger
2001-2005Clémence Vaudrin

Cégep François-Xavier-Garneau

Opened 1971.
URL: www.cegep-fxg.qc.ca

1971-1973 Renée Girard
1973-1974Louise Savard
1974-1977Robert Chiasson
1977-1978Nebel Gernot and Louise Savard
1978-1979Denis Boily and Lise Roy
1979-1980Lise Roy
1980-1982Louise Savard
1982-1984Robert Chiasson
1984-1985Lise Roy
1986-1987Nebel Gernot and Denis Boily
1987-1989Lise Roy
1989-1991Robert Chiasson
1991-1994Lise Roy
1994-1998Dominique Trottier
1998-2002Lise Roy
2002-2003Julie Gauthier
2003-2004 2006-2009 2009-Aline Néron Mario Groupil Dominique Trottier

Cégep Lionel-Groulx

Opened 1969; Information incomplete.
URL: www.clg.qc.ca

1969-? Françoise Jobin-Brulé
1985-1987Jacques Paradis
1989-1990Lise Calvé
1992-1996Danielle Daoust
1998-2000Jacques Paradis
2001-Jean-Pierre Chabot

Champlain Regional College

Opened 1972; closed 1977; English-language program

1972-1977Gregory Rickerby

Concordia University

Montreal (originally Loyola College and Sir George Williams University)
Opened 1971; admission to the program was suspended January 1, 1997; students were given five years to complete their requirements. Reduced provincial government funding caused Concordia to close small programs.

1971-1976Melba Wilson
1976-1986Ann Galler
1986-1989Joanne Locke
1989-1998Marlene Giguère

John Abbott College

Ste. Anne de Bellevue
Opened 1972; English-language three-year program; two-year option for students with college diplomas or university degrees
URL: www.johnabbott.qc.ca

1972 (2 weeks) Karen Gay
1972-1999Rabab Naqvi
2000 -Christine Jacobs


Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon (previous names: Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences (1968-1974); Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences (1974-1988); Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (1988-1992); Kelsey Institute, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (1992-1997).
URL: www.siast.sk.ca
Opened 1969; one-year programme 1969-1994; two-year program 1994- . Day, continuing education, distance education, Internet. Bridging Program offered 1994-1999 for one-year graduates to update to diploma.

1969-1975 Barbara Zimmer
1975-1984Alice Hegel
1984-Marjorie Kennedy
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