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Dalhousie University School of Library and Information Studies

By Norman Horrocks

Notable Events

School of Library Service was created and was located administratively in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
The first Master of Library Service (MLS) degree was awarded.
MLS program was accredited by the American Library Association retroactive to 1971.
The school became affiliated with the newly formed Faculty of Administrative Studies.
The Faculty of Administrative Studies was superseded by the Faculty of Management Studies (later known as the  Faculty of Management).
The School implemented its revised curriculum.
Change of name to School of Library and Information Studies and of degree to Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS).
First MLIS degree was awarded.
1991Joint MLIS/LLB degree program was offered.
1998Joint MLIS/MPA and MLIS/MBA degree programs offered.
1998MLIS program reaccredited by American Library Association.  Next visit scheduled for 2005.
2001 Joint MLIS/MPA and MLIS/MBA degree programs offered.


1969 - 1970 Louis G. Vagianos
1970 - February 1972 J. Clement Harrison
March 1972 - 1986 Norman Horrocks
1986 - 1994 Mary Dykstra (Lynch)
1994 - 1995 Louis G. Vagianos
1995 - 2002 Bertrum H. MacDonald
2003 - Fiona A. Black

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