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 Conference of Directors of National Libraries (chair, 1974–1978)\\ Conference of Directors of National Libraries (chair, 1974–1978)\\
 Governor General’s Literary Awards (chairman, 1960–1962)\\ Governor General’s Literary Awards (chairman, 1960–1962)\\
 +International Federation of Library Associations, National Libraries Section (chair, 1977–1981)\\
 Library Association of Ottawa\\ Library Association of Ottawa\\
 Royal Society of Canada (president, 1973–1974)\\ Royal Society of Canada (president, 1973–1974)\\
 Société des écrivains canadiens\\ Société des écrivains canadiens\\
 +UNESCO Intergovernmental Council for General Information Program, representative (1979–1983)\\
 World Poetry Conference Expo ‘67 (chairman)\\ World Poetry Conference Expo ‘67 (chairman)\\
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