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Father Auguste-Marie Morisset

b. 1900, Fall River, Mass; d. July 17, 1989, Ottawa, Ont.

Education and Priesthood:

1921 Joined The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI)

1927 Ordained priest

1930 “License” in Canon law

1935 BA. University of Ottawa

1938 BSc (Library Service), Columbia University

1948 MSc (Library Service), Columbia University


1928 Vicar at the Church of Saint-Pierre-Apôtre in Montreal

1930 Vicar at the parish of Sacré-Coeur in Ottawa

1934-1958 Chief Librarian, University of Ottawa

1938-1971 Founding Director, School of Library Science, University of Ottawa


1976 Order of Canada

1948 First French Canadian to obtain an MLS

1977 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal

1979 Honorary Member of the Bibliographic Society of Canada


1943-1944 President, Library Association of Ottawa

1950-1951 President, Bibliographic Society of Canada

1952-1959 Member, National Library Advisory Board

1954-1955 Councillor, American Library Association

1960-1961 President, ACBLF 1971 Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa

1972 Morisset Hall of the University of Ottawa inaugurated


Father Morisset was an engaging and committed individual. Long after his retirement he continued to make periodic and surprise visits to “his” library.


Greene, Richard and Jean LeBlanc. “Un pionnier de la bibliothéconomie au Canada français: Auguste-Marie Morisset, OMI” in Documentation et bibliothèques (vol. 36, no 3 ; juillet-septembre 2000) pp. 135-142.

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