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Fred Landon

b. Nov. 5, 1880, London, ON; d Aug. 1, 1969, London, ON


1906 BA (Western University, retitled University of Western Ontario in 1923)
1919 MA (Western University)
1950 D.Litt. (University of Western Ontario)
1950 LL.D (McMaster University)


1907-1916 Reporter and editor, London Free Press
1916-1923 Chief Librarian, London Public Library
1916-1923 Lecturer in History and English, Western University
1923-1947 Librarian of the University and Associate Professor, Department of History at Western
1946-1950 Vice-President, University of Western Ontario
1947-1950 Dean Graduate Studies, University of Western Ontario


Fred Landon published hundreds of articles, news stories, reviews, and books. A comprehensive listing was compiled by Hilary Bates, “A Bibliography of Fred Landon,” Ontario History, 62.1 (March 1970): 5-16.

Selected Books

Middleton, Jesse and Fred Landon (1927-1928). The Province of Ontario: a history, 1615-1927. Toronto: Dominion Pub. Co. (5 vols.)

Landon, Fred (1941). Western Ontario and the American frontier. Toronto: Ryerson Press.

Landon, Fred (1944). Lake Huron. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.

Landon, Fred (1960). An exile from Canada to Van Diemen's Land: being the story of Elijah Woodman … 1837-38. Toronto: Longmans, Green.

Landon, Fred (2009). Ontario’s African-Canadian heritage: collected writings by Fred Landon, 1918-1967 edited by Karolyn Smardz Frost, et. al. Toronto: Natural Heritage Books.

Selected Articles

Landon, Fred (1917). “The library and local material.” Ontario Library Review 1.3 (February): 61-62.

Landon, Fred (1918). “J. Davis Barnett's gift to Western University.” Ontario Library Review 3.1 (August): 16.

Landon, Fred (1921). “A city library’s work.” Ontario Library Review 6.1&2 (August-November): 10-13.

Landon, Fred (1924). “Adult education - University of Western Ontario.” Ontario Library Review 9.2 (November): 34-35.

Landon, Fred (1927). “The Toronto Conference–II: Canadian Library Association.” Library Journal 52: 749–750.

Landon, Fred (1930). “Public libraries and the extension activities of universities.” Ontario Library Review 15.1 (August): 6-8.

Landon, Fred (1935). “Lawson Memorial Library.” Ontario Library Review 19.3 (August): 118–120.

Landon, Fred (1939). “Lawson Memorial Library, beautiful building, is enduring monument.” Ontario Library Review 23.1 (February): 9–10.

Landon, Fred. (1945). “The library at the University of Western Ontario.” College & Research Libraries 6.2 (March): 133–141.


1918-1920, President, London & Middlesex Historical Society

1926-1927, President, Ontario Library Association

1926-1928, President, Ontario Historical Society

1941-1942 President, Canadian Historical Association

1948-1949 President, Bibliographical Society of Canada

1950-1958 Chair, Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada


1929 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

1945 Awarded J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal, Royal Society of Canada

1955 London Public Library branch on Wortley Road is renamed Fred Landon Branch Library

1967 Awarded Cruikshank Gold Medal, Ontario Historical Society

1987 Fred Landon Award established by Ontario Historical Society to mark the best book on regional history in Ontario


Fred Landon excelled at many careers during his lifetime: he was a public and university librarian, journalist, editor, historian, teacher, administrator, and active leader in professional and scholarly associations. He is best known for his academic contributions to the history of Ontario, especially its southwestern region. At London Public Library, he began to assemble local history materials that form part of the present Ivey Family London Room. Fred Landon was instrumental in persuading James Davis Barnett to donate his 40,000-volume library to the Western University in 1923. Under his administrative tenure at Western, the Lawson Library opened in 1934. Fred Landon was an articulate lecturer and colleagues found him to be an efficient administrator. The libraries at Western were small in size, just more than 20,000 volumes, when Landon assumed control in 1923; when he stepped down in 1947 there were almost 170,000 volumes.


Armstrong, Fredrick H. (1970). “Fred Landon, 1880-1969.” Ontario History 62.1 (March): 1-4.

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