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Kathleen Ruby Jenkins

b. June 18, 1904, Montréal; d. Aug. 11, 1992, Québec City


1926 BA (McGill University)
1926 Certificate (McGill Library School, summer)
1967 LL.D. honorary (Sir George Williams University) [now Concordia University]


1927-1931 Assistant Librarian, Westmount Public Library
1931-1962 Chief Librarian, Westmount Public Library
Special Lecturer on Library Administration, McGill University Library School


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President, Quebec Library Association, 1935–1936
President, Canadian Library Association, 1949–1950
American Library Association
President, Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women, Montreal Club, 1940–1942
Canadian Federation of University Women
Quebec Association of Adult Education, councillor


’Miss Jenkins’ leadership and service far transcended the admirable work she performed in building up her own library. She was liberal with advice to small communities struggling to set up libraries of their own, she was a founding member, and later president, of both the Quebec Library Association (Association des Bibliothécaires du Quebec) and of the Canadian Library Association, and she was special lecturer for many sessions at the Graduate School of Library Science at McGill University.” — Douglass Burns Clarke, citing Jenkins' contributions at the honorary degree presentation in 1967. Also, in 1967, she was awarded the Canadian Centennial Medal for having provided valuable service to her community and country.


Canadian Who’s Who 1967–1969.

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