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Julia Annette Elizabeth Dafoe

b. Oct. 22, 1900, Montreal, QC; d. 25 April, 1960, Winnipeg, MB


BA 1923 (University of Manitoba)
library training at New York Public Library and University of Chicago Graduate Library School


1925-1932 Circulation and Reference Assistant, University of Manitoba Library
1935-1937 Chief Librarian, Junior Division, University of Manitoba Library
1937-1960 Chief Librarian, University of Manitoba Library


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President, Manitoba Library Association
President, Canadian Library Association, 1948-49
member, American Library Association


Elizabeth Dafoe Library of the University of Manitoba named in her honour.


1943-1944 President, Manitoba Library Association
1948 President, Canadian Library Association
1948 member, National Library Committee
1949-1954 member, American Library Association Council
1953-1960 member, National Library Advisory Council


“Her tireless message of the need for a 'national library' and her outspoken ideas helped to define the mandate of the National Library of Canada”. [extract from her biography on Library and Archives Canada. Celebrating Women's Achievements].


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