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William O. Carson

b. Mar. 8, 1874, London, ON; d. Sept. 27, 1929, Toronto, ON


Graduate of London Collegiate Institute


1906-1915 Chief Librarian, London Public Library
1916-1929 Inspector of Public Libraries, Department of Education, Ontario


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President, Ontario Library Association, 1914-1915.

American Library Association: member of the ALA Council (1928-1929); the Board on Library and Adult Education, the Curriculum Study Advisory Committee, and the Committee on Legislation.


After becoming Chief Librarian at London Public Library, Carson introduced a number of progressive ideas: open access to book stacks, revamped reference and reading rooms, in-service training for assistants, a children’s room with story hour, improved cataloguing, and the appointment of a children’s librarian. He established London’s first neighbourhood branch (East End) in 1915 at Dundas and Rectory streets.

After becoming Inspector of Libraries in April 1916, he transformed this branch into a central coordinating body for public library activity in Ontario. His most lasting contributions were the establishment of the Ontario Library Review, which continued in print from 1916-1982; a completely revised Public Libraries Act of 1920, which served as a framework for Ontario legislation for more than four decades until 1966; and professional training and certification of librarians at the Ontario Library School, 1916-1917. Carson worked to greatly expand the Department of Education’s public libraries branch which dispended increased provincial grants to libraries, promoted library education, and worked to establish new libraries across the province. Beyond Ontario, Carson was an active member of ALA. His most important contribution came as a member of the Commission on the Library and Adult Education which surveyed the adult education field for two years, 1924-1926.

To commemorate his contributions, in 1961 the London Public Library renamed its relocated eastern branch on Dufferin and Quebec Streets the W. O. Carson Branch Library.


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