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 +====== Margaret Armstrong Beckman ======
 +b. 1926, Hartford, Connecticut; d. 28 Feb. 2008, Waterloo, ON\\
 +===== Education: =====
 +BA 1946 Western University (Waterloo College)\\
 +BLS 1949 University of Toronto\\
 +MLS 1969 University of Toronto\\
 +===== Positions: =====
 +1946-50 Teacher, Blind River, Ont.\\
 +1950 - Children's Librarian, Galt Public Library\\
 +1959-1964 Head, Cataloguing Department, University of Waterloo\\
 +1964-1966 Director, Technical Services, University of Waterloo\\
 +1966-1969 Systems Librarian , University of Guelph\\
 +1970-1971 Deputy Chief Librarian, University of Guelph\\
 +1970- Lecturer on Library Architecture, School of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario\\
 +1971-1984 Chief Librarian, University of Guelph, McLaughlin Library\\
 +1984-1987 Executive Director for Technology, University of Guelph\\
 +===== Publications: =====
 +Beckman, Margaret. (1961). “Experiment in the Use of the Revised Code of Cataloguing Rules.” //Library Resources & Technical Services// 5 (3): 216–20.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret. (1965). “Size and Library Research Collections.” //Atlantic Provinces Library Association Bulletin// 29 (4): 143–49.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret and Stephen Langmead. (1970). New library design: guide lines to planning academic library buildings. Toronto: John Wiley.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret. (1974). “Library Networks in the `70’s: University Libraries.” //Canadian Library Journal// 31 (3): 197–198.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret. (1978). “Automated Cataloguing Systems and Networks in Canada.” //Canadian Library Journal// 35 (3): 173–80.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret. (1981). “Political Setting of Libraries in Post-Secondary Institutions.” //Canadian Library Journal// 38 (3): 145–47.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret, Stephen Langmead and John Black. (1984). The best gift: a record of the Carnegie libraries in Ontario. Toronto: Dundurn Press.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret and Ellen M. Pearson. (1992). " Understanding the needs of users: the timeliness factor." Essen Symposium, 307-320.\\
 +Beckman, Margaret and John B. Black. (1996)."The local library within the worldwide context: changes, directions, realities." Essen Symposium, 78-87.\\
 +===== Associations/Committees: =====
 +1960-1966 Trustee, Waterloo Public Library Board\\
 +1966-1968 Chairman, Waterloo Public Library Board\\
 +1964-1968 Chairman, Midwestern Regional Library Board\\
 +1964-1968 Chairman, CACUL Committee on Academic Status\\
 +1964-1965 Chairman ORTSG1966 Chairman, OLA Committee on Legislation and Grants\\
 +1968-1969 Member, AUCC Special Taskforce on Automation\\
 +1968- Member, Ontario Council of Health, Sub-committee on Information Services\\
 +===== Honours: =====
 +1975 Province of Ontario recognized her as one of 25 outstanding Ontario women\\
 +1986 ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year (lst Canadian to win the award)\\
 +1987 OCULA award for outstanding contribution to academic or research librarianship\\
 +1987 Honorary Doctorate, University of Western Ontario\\
 +1990 Honorary Doctor of Letters, Laurentian University\\
 +1990 Honorary Professor, University of Essen, Germany (first Canadian and first woman to receive such an honour)1990 Information technology and library management: 13th Essen\\
 +Symposium: Festschrift in honour of Margaret Beckman. Papers presented at the International Essen Symposium (13th, Universität Essen Bibliothek‎, October 22-25, 1990)\\
 +2007 Honored by City of Waterloo for leadership contributions\\
 +===== Accomplishments: =====
 +President, National Research Council of Canada, Advisory Board on Scientific and Technical Information\\
 +President, Ex Libris Association, 1999\\
 +President, Canadian Library Association, 1972/73\\
 +Canadian representative at several UNESCO Library Buildings Conferences\\
 +Designed CODOC documentation system\\
 +Developed GEAC library system\\
 +Implemented a consultative management system\\
 +=====   =====
 +===== Other areas of activity: =====
 +Margaret lectured and acted as consultant to library planners in academic, government, school and public libraries throughout Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Sweden.\\
 +===== Comments: =====
 +"In the early 1950's pregnant with her first child, she 'hid' in the basement of a university library cataloguing books, because pregnant employees were supposed to be fired. It was a humble beginning for the woman who would go on to become the chief librarian of the University of Guelph's McLaughlin Library in 1971. As the only woman heading up a university library in Ontario at the time, she was a pioneer." Also she was "internationally known for her work in library planning, innovation in library management and the introduction of technology into libraries."\\
 +===== Sources: =====
 +Obit. Globe and Mail, March 1, 2008.\\
 +Directory of library & information professionals . .(1988). Chicago: American Library Association. v.1\\
 +University of Toronto Library catalogue (for a list of her reports)\\
 +Library and Archives Canada. Celebrating Women's Achievements. [[|Margaret Beckman]]. Accessed August 15, 2008.\\
 +Biography file. Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.\\
 +The Record, March 1, 2008.\\
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