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Nora Bateson

b. 1896, Westhoughton, England; d. 1956, Rhyl, Wales


BA (Hons. Hist.) 1917 (Manchester); Diploma in Librarianship 1929 (Pratt);
MA (Hist.) 1933 (McGill)


Teacher, Kings Hall, Compton, Quebec
Library Clerk, Ontario Legislative Library
McGill University Library Summer School
Reference Librarian, University of British Columbia Library
Librarian, Chilliwack Branch, Fraser Valley Library Demonstration
Professor, McGill University Library School
Director, Prince Edward Island Library Demonstration
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore
1938-1945Director of Libraries, Nova Scotia
1945-1947Director of Home Reading Department, Detroit Public Library
1947-1948Senior Lecturer, New Zealand Library School
1948-1953Acting Director & Director, New Zealand Library School


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Minor publications: 

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Maritime Library Institute; Maritime Library Association; American Library Association,
Extension Committee; Canadian Library Council; New Zealand Library Association


A scholarship at the New Zealand Library School is named in her memory. Prince Edward Island has established the Nora Bateson Award for Excellence in Library Service. 


Nora Bateson directed the PEI Library Demonstration Project, which established more than 20  public libraries in that province during the period 1933-1936.  She had an enduring passion for adult education, and ensured that the rural libraries' role included supporting the adult study clubs that were flourishing at the time.  In 1938 she conducted a library survey of Nova Scotia, and later that year was invited to be the Director of Libraries for the Regional Libraries Commission of the province.  During the Second World War, Bateson and her assistant Marion Gilroy were seconded to the Canadian Legion Education Service to establish libraries for armed forces personnel in the Atlantic command. In 1944 she was asked to undertake a library survey of Jamaica, which became the foundation for the country's public library system.  She was also an active member of the committee set up to investigate the establishment of a national library association for Canada (resulting in the founding of the Canadian Library Association, 1946). After two years in charge of the Home Reading Department of the Detroit Public Library she went on to the New Zealand Library School (1947-1953) where she first served as Senior Lecturer, then Acting Director and Director for several years.


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