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 +====== Ethel Weiss Auster ======
 +b. 1942, Montreal, QC; d. 2005, Toronto, ON\\
 +===== Education: =====
 +AB, (Boston), MLS (Simmons College),\\
 +===== Positions: =====
 +Librarian, Brookline High School; Research librarian,\\
 +Toronto Board of Education; Librarian, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin -Madison:\\
 +Professor, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto\\
 +===== Publications: =====
 +Professor Auster's research and publication was in the areas of library and information education, online searching and management of bibliographical retrieval services and administrative problems of public and academic libraries. Among her major publications are the following:\\
 +Auster, Ethel ed. The online searcher. New York: Neal-Schumman, c1990.\\
 +Auster, Ethel. Retrenchment in Canadian academic libraries. Ottawa, Ont.: Canadian Library Association, c1991.\\
 +Auster, Ethel. Downsizing in academic libraries: the Canadian experience. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, c2004.\\
 +Auster, Ethel and Choo, Chun Wei, eds. Managing information for the competitive edge. New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, 1996.\\
 +===== Associations/ Committees: =====
 +American Society for Information Science and Technology,\\
 +Canadian Association for Information Science,\\
 +Canadian Library Association, IFLA delegate,\\
 +Ontario Library Association\\
 +===== Honours/Accomplishments: =====
 +Chair, Committee on Doctoral Studies, Faculty of Information\\
 +Studies, University of Toronto; Elected member, University of Toronto Governing Council, Miles Blackwell Award for Outstanding Academic Librarian awarded by Canadian Association of College and University Libraries\\
 +===== Sources: =====
 +Globe and Mail, July 4, 2005\\
 +University of Toronto Library CatalogueBrian Cantwell Smith\\
 +[[|In Memorian]] at University of Toronto. Accessed 14 August 2013.\\