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ELAN: The Ex Libris Association Newsletter

ELAN is the Ex Libris Association official publication that is published twice a year in the spring and fall. The title is an acronym for the Ex Libris Association Newsletter. Each ELAN issue provides news of interest that keeps our members informed about ELA activities with current reports and the people, places, services, milestones and events, and resources that impact libraries and related organizations across Canada.

ELA's newsletter in 1987 – first issueEx Libris News 2000 – the millenniumELAN in 2020 – the COVID pandemic

The changing face of our newsletters over the years, 1987 to present.

History of ELAN

Just a few months after the founding of the Association in 1986, the first issue of the biannual Ex Libris Newsletter was mailed out to members and others in the spring of 1987. This issue and more than a dozen to follow were edited and produced by founding president, Stan Beacock. As with most issues, the inaugural one included news about the Association, articles on topics of interest, particularly in library history, and news about libraries and people in the library community.

Following issue 16, Stan was succeeded as editor by Wendy Scott. She took on the editorial and production responsibilities, introducing changes in format that included the display of our new distinctive logo on the title page. Since 1999, ELA has contracted the services of a professional editor, who, the under the direction of the Newsletter Committee, ensures style consistency, fact-checks, and manages the layout and proof-reading. Other innovations in recent years include regional columnists who report on library news across the country.

With the spring 2003 issue, the newsletter had a new title: ELAN, both an acronym for Ex Libris Association Newsletter, and an expression of 'joie de vivre'. Issues typically include a report from ELA's President, a writeup of the program at the Annual Conference, long and short book reviews, articles on a variety of topics, 'milestones' recording awards and honours, retirements, and obituaries (longer tributes and reminisces are posted on our memories and celebrations section).

ELAN Issues Available with Indexing from 1987

  1. The complete set of individual andEx Libris Newsletter back issues, including the special summer issue on library education, is available in PDF format for reading or downloading.
  2. There is a master index, created by Jean Wheeler and Agatha Barc, for Ex Libris newsletter from 1987 to 2016, issues no 1 to 59 (PDF download).
  3. There are searchable ELAN issues from fall 2016 to fall 2023, no. 60 to 74. Searches can be performed by using the Control-F command or by using the PDF search box beside the search icon.
  4. Back issues from number 1 to the present, except for special issues, can be ordered in paper copy from the Association at $2. per single issue, $15. for 10 issues, $25. for 20 issues, $50 for the complete set; each price includes mailing.
  5. Send cheque/money order with your order to Ex Libris Association, c/o Faculty of Information Studies, 140 St. George St., Toronto, ON M5S 3G6.
  6. Go to the special issue summer 2004 on library education for order information.
  7. A listing of “Good Reads” by Judy Dunn that have appeared in ELAN is available for download as a at this link.

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