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Richard Edwin Crouch

b. Apr. 14, 1894, London ON; d. Jan. 10, 1962, London ON

Richard Crouch, c.1960. Credit London Public Library


B.A 1921 (Western Ontario (attended Western Ontario 1914-1916;University of London (Eng) 1918-1919; Western Ontario, 1919-1921)
1921-1922 (University of Paris: Political Economy and Sociology)
LLD 1955 (Western Ontario)


1923-1940 Chief Librarian, London Public Library
1940-1961 Chief Librarian and Director, Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ont.


Has written extensively for library and adult education publications+, including the ALA Bulletin, Ontario Library Review, Canadian Art and Food for Thought.

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Crouch, Richard E. (1949a). “Brief presented to the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences on behalf of the London Public Library and Art Museum , November 1949.”

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Crouch, Richard. E. (1949c). “The library and the community.” Ontario Library Review, 33 (May): 95-96.

Crouch, Richard E.(1958). “Looking forward” Ontario Library Review (May): 99-101.

Crouch, Richard E. (1960a). “Angus Mowat: our appreciation.” Ontario Library Review: 44 (May): 63.

Crouch, Richard E. (1960b) “Trends in Public Library Service.” Ontario Library Review, 44 (August): 149-143. (also in Food for Thought, 21 (November, 1960): 66-72).


As described by Charles Dean Kent, Richard E. Crouch was indeed “a man ahead of his time.” He pioneered in the bringing together of a library and a museum.


Compiled by General Reference Department, London Public Library and Art Museum.
Dr. Keith Crouch, Richard Crouch's son.
Kent, Charles D., comp. (1962). “ Richard E. Crouch: Man ahead of his time.; a sketch of his philosophy and ideas of library and art museum service as seen from his writings.” London: London Public Library and Art Museum, (Occasional paper 1).
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