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Reginald Brian Land

b. July 29, 1927, Niagara Falls, ON; d. Nov. 29, 2016, Georgetown, ON


1949 BA University of Toronto
1953 BLS University of Toronto Library School
1956 MLS University of Toronto, Faculty of Library Science
1960 MA University of Toronto (Political Science)


1953-1955 Toronto Public Library, Reference Library
1955-1956 University of Toronto Library, Cataloguer
1956-1957 Windsor Public Library, Business and Industry Division
1957-1959 Associate Editor of Canadian Business
1959-1963 University of Toronto Library, Assistant Librarian
1963-1964 Executive Assistant to the Honorable Walter Gordon, then Lester Pearson’s Minister of Finance
1964-1972 Director, later Dean, University of Toronto, Faculty of Library Science
1973-1974 Part time Commissioner, Canadian Radio-Television Commission
1973-1993 Professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Library and Information Science
1978-1993 Executive Director, Legislative Library of Ontario
1993-2016 Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto


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Land, Brian (1982). Memorandum to John M. Turner, M.P.P., Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, from Brian Land, Director, Legislative Library; re: question 263, results of testing by R.E.M.S. (Radiation, Environmental Management Systems Inc.). Toronto: Legislative Library, Research and Information Services.

Comments/ Accomplishments:

Brian had many accomplishments in his life. One of the high lights of his tenure as director of the library school occurred in 1972 when the School was upgraded to the Faculty of Library Science. He also implemented a new master`s programme and the first doctoral program in library science in Canada. He also planned the library schools 1972 move into new quarters in the Claude T. Bissell building.
“One of the great figures in 20th century Canadian Librarianship. He was a wonderful person and good friend to many of us. May he rest in peace.” Peter McNally
“I quite adored him and was grateful he was at the helm of FLS for my two degrees.” Sandra Black
“He was a friend, a mentor, a highly respected colleague and an example to us all. His life and his work enriched so many people.” Peter Hajnal


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