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Kent MacLean Haworth

b. Feb. 11, 1946, Vancouver, BC; d. Jan. 31, 2003, Toronto, ON


1968 BA (University of British Columbia)
1975 MA (University of Victoria)
1975 Public Archives of Canada, Diploma Course in Archives Principles and Administration


1975-1980: Honorary Archivist, Anglican Diocese of British Columbia
1972-1979 Archivist, Manuscripts and Government Records Division, Provincial Archives of British Columbia
1979-1982 Chief, Audio and Visual Records Programme, Provincial Archives of British Columbia
1982-1984 Director, Records Management Branch, Government of British Columbia
1984-1989 University Archivist, University of Toronto
1989-1990 Public Records Archivist, Public Archives of Nova Scotia
1990-1993 Acting Head, Public Records Division, Public Archives of Nova Scotia
1993-1994 Adjunct University Archivist, York University Archives and Special Collections
1994-2002 University Archivist & Head, Special Collections, York University Libraries


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Haworth, Kent M. (1992). “The development of descriptive standards in Canada: a progress report.” Archivaria 34 (Summer): 75-90.

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Chairman, Publications Committee, Association of Canadian Archivists, 1978-1979
Vice-President, Association of Canadian Archivists, 1979-1980
President, Association of Canadian Archivists, 1980-1981
Member, Bureau of Canadian Archivists, Planning Committee on Descriptive Standards, Bureau of Canadian Archivists, 1987-1996
Chair, Bureau of Canadian Archivists Planning Committee on Descriptive Standards, Bureau of Canadian Archivists, 1989-1996
Member, Task Force on the Future of Descriptive Standards, Bureau of Canadian Archivists, 1994-1995
Member, Association of British Columbia Archivists
Member, Ontario Association of Archivists
Chair, Information Technology Special Interest Group, Ontario Association of Archivists, 1997-1998
Member, Board of Directors, Ontario Association of Archivists,1997-2000
Member, Australian Society of Archivists


2002 Association of Canadian Archivists Membership Recognition Award
Kent Haworth Archival Research Fellowship. This York University fellowship is designed to honour Kent “who was a tireless, internationally respected champion of archives and a superbly gatherer of Canadian material for the York University Archives.” [Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University]


“Kent Haworth was an archivist for more than 30 years. He left standing achievements at the local, provincial and national levels – achievements that helped build the current foundations of Canada’s archives. There is one achievement in particular that all archivists remember when thinking about Kent. This is his leadership role in creating and establishing a national standard, The Rules for Archival Description (RAD).

Kent “published widely on a number of topics of importance to the development of archival theory [and] lectured and presented throughout the world. He was editor of the British Columbia Historical News in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.”

“Kent’s dedication and passion for his profession, his energy to fight any preconceived idea, his dynamism, his leadership, his hard work have made Canada a leader in archival descriptive standards and a model for many counties and the International Council of Archives.”


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