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Florence Beatrice Murray

b. Feb. 10, 1905, Huntsville, ON; d. Mar. 1995, Toronto, ON


1927 BA (University of Toronto)
1927 Diploma (Ontario Library School, later the Univ. of Toronto Faculty of Library and information Science)
1934 AMLS (University of Michigan)


1928–1950 Reference Librarian, Toronto Public Library
1950–1960 Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Library School
1960–1965 Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Library School
1965–1970 Professor, University of Toronto, School of Library Science
1970–19?? Professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Library Science and Information Science
1977-1995 Professor Emerita


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1956–1958 President, The Bibliographical Society of Canada
1966–1968 Director, CACUL, Canadian Library Association
1968–1969 Chairman, History Section, Reference Services Division, American Library Association
American Library Association
Association of American Library Schools
Association of College and Research Libraries
Chairman, ALA-LAD-LO&MS Statistics Committee for Technical Services
Canadian Association of Library Schools
Canadian Association of University Teachers
Canadian Copyright Institute
Constitution Committee and Reorganization Committee, Ontario Library Association
Special Libraries Association
Institute of Professional Librarians of Ontario
Library School Representative, University of Toronto Council of the School of Graduate Studies Administrative Committee for Division I (Humanities)
Member of the Senate, University of Toronto
Ontario Historical Society
Ontario Resources and Technical Services Group
Senate Board of Library Science Studies, University of Toronto
Senate Committee on Honourary Degrees, University of Toronto


Recipient of Carnegie Scholarship, University of Michigan

Other Areas of Activity:

Professor Murray assisted Marie Tremaine (1902–1984), a famous Canadian bibliographer and librarian, on Canadian Catalogue of Books and, to a lesser extent, A Bibliography of Canadiana (1934).


Professor Murray primarily taught reference and advanced bibliography courses at the U of T Library School. According to Professor Bertha Bassam (the Director of the School between 1951 and 1964), Professor Murray's academic accomplishments, combined with her extensive practical experience, greatly augmented the existing curriculum. In addition, she was one of the first professors in Canada to teach MLS-level courses in library science.

Some of the courses that Professor Murray taught over her academic career include: Reference Work, Bibliography I, Bibliography II, Bibliography and Reference Materials I and II, The Natural and Applied Sciences, Bibliography and Reference Service: Books and Materials, Bibliography and Reference Service: Organization, Research Collections in Canadiana.


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ELA biography prepared by Agatha Barc

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