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Elizabeth Homer Morton

Elizabeth Homer Morton, c.1968. Credit The Morton Years.

b. Feb. 13, 1903, Tunapuna, Trinidad; d. July 6, 1977, Ottawa, ON


BA, 1926 (Dalhousie)
1926 Nova Scotia Normal School; Ontario Library School;
MA 1969 (Chicago)


1927-1929 Cataloguer, Toronto Public Library
1928-1931 Organized library for Saint John New Brunswick Vocational School
1931-1944 Reference Librarian, Toronto Public Library
1944-1946 Executive Secretary, Canadian Library Council
1946-1968 Executive Director, Canadian Library Association

Selected Publications:

(A more complete list can be found in The Morton Years, p 129-130)

Morton, Elizabeth Homer. (1931). “Report on Legislative Library.” In Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick from the 12th February to the 26th March, 1931. p. 7-15.

Morton, Elizabeth Homer. (1946). “National libraries: their organization and functions.” Term paper, University of Chicago 15 Aug. 1946. (Last known location E.H. Morton file, in the Library Development Office. Libraries and Archives Canada)

Morton, Elizabeth Homer. (1947a). “The Canadian library position.” Library Review (84, winter): 318-320.

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Morton, Elizabeth Homer. 1960). “The Canadian and the American Library Associations.” American Library Association Bulletin (54, April): 282-285.

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Morton, Elizabeth Homer. (1975b). Developing public libraries in Canada, 1535-1983: the Alberta Letts memorial lecture. Dalhousie University Libraries and Dalhousie University School of Library Service, Occasional Papers Series, No. 9. Halifax, N.S.

Morton, Elizabeth Homer. (1977). “The Canadian Library Association, 1900-1975.” In Livre bibliothèque et culture québécoise: Mélanges offerts à Edmond Desrochers, s.j. ed. Georges-A. Chartrand, (2): 761-799. Montréal: ASTED


1968 Order of Canada
1969 LLD, University of Alberta
1970 D.Litt, Sir George Williams University (later Concordia)
In recognition of her professional achievements, CLA published Librarianship in Canada, 1946 to 1967 following her retirement as Executive Director in 1968.
1988 Elizabeth Homer Morton fund established


Elizabeth was instrumental in the establishment of the Canadian Library Association.
Former National Librarian, W.K. Lamb said that Morton promoted CLA’s interests with imagination, wisdom and boundless patience. Under her stewardship, CLA lobbied for the establishment of Libraries and Archives Canada and the Canadian Periodical Index. The Canadian Library Journal and Feliciter also began publication with Morton as editor.


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