The Canadian association dedicated to people whose careers have been in libraries, archives, publishing, and information work

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Ex Libris Activities

The Ex Libris Association provides its members with opportunities to network with librarians and archivists across the country and participate in various Canadian initiatives. ELA is an active organization of more and 200 individuals interested in a variety of activities.

ELA Annual General Meeting and Convention

The Annual Conference is held every year, for many past years in a Toronto Public Library branch, or, more recently, via Zoom which allows for national attendance. Besides regular business and elections, programs may feature speakers and webinars on important topics. Each year's program details will be posted as it becomes available. Conferences held in previous years beginning in 1987, including some presentations, can be viewed at this link.

ELA Tours, Speakers and Presentations

ex_libris_luncheon_october_2013.jpgELA has a long-standing practice of organizing tours of interest to members.
Tours usually include luncheons and friendly discussion on a regular basis.
As well, topical issues which speakers address are also arranged from time to time, either at ELA's annual general meeting or at a special time via electronic transmission or place.
Some presentations and videos are archived for future reference.
Webinars are another feature that ELA organizes, mostly recently in October 2023.

ELA Initiatives, Advocacy, and Cooperation with Other Organizations

  • ELA sponsors the bi-annual W. Kaye Lamb Award for service to seniors with CFLA/FCAB.
  • ELA sponsors a bursary for Indigenous students interested in libraries or archives.
  • ELA supports freedom of expression and supports the Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques statement on intellectual freedom
  • ELA hosts a page with information and links to Canadian awards for librarians and libraries.
  • ELA organizes sessions at provincial library associations, such as OLA, and attends various other annual conference showcases.
  • ELA has a public Facebook page for members who like to communicate what they are doing and thinking.
  • ELA gathers information on contemporary issues to produce helpful linkages on a broad range of matters

ELAN and ELA Publishing Activities

  • morton_years03.jpgELA publishing activities are focused on ELAN, the association's bi-annual newsletter. ELAN's special issue, summer 2005, was dedicated to library education.
  • ELA published The Morton Years in 1995 — and important contribution to the history of librarianship in Canada.
  • ELA publishes Occasional Papers by its members on its website.

ELA Historical Activities

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