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Ex Libris Association is the Canadian national association for retired persons whose careers have been in libraries and information centres, archives, publishing, and related areas. The Association has members from across Canada - St. John's to Victoria.

Its objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for interested individuals to stimulate the recollection and publication of the history of Canadian librarianship.
  • To provide a vehicle for the collection of oral histories related to library history in Canada.
  • To identify and ensure collection of materials related to library history in Canada which are not at present collected, organized, or preserved by any other organization.
  • To encourage persons and institutions possessing archival materials related to library history in Canada to preserve and publicize their holdings.
  • To keep members informed on current developments and issues in libraries and librarianship in Canada.
  • To serve as a voice for retired librarians on important library-related issues on which they would wish to be heard.
  • To publish a Newsletter performing the following functions: to inform members of activities of individuals and institutions in the field of librarianship; to discuss issues concerning libraries and librarians; to record matters of interest in the history and development of libraries and the library profession.


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