Ex Libris Association

The Canadian association for retired librarians, archivists and related information professions

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Executive Board and Committees


  • President – Deborah Thomas
  • Vice President/President Elect – vacancy
  • Past President – Tom Eadie
  • Recording and Correspondence Secretary – Cynthia Penman
  • Membership Secretary – Bob Henderson
  • Treasurer – Bob Henderson
  • Archivist – vacancy
  • Members at large – Vivienne James, Donna Burton, Christina Wilson; Frances Davidson-Arnott and Lorne Bruce (ex officio)
  • biographies of current members can be viewed at this link.


  • Annual Conference – Deborah Thomas (Chair), Tom Eadie, Bob Henderson
  • Ad Hoc Library Tours – Vivienne James (Chair), Shirley Lewis
  • Archives & Community Webs – Christina Wilson (pro-tem chair), Frances Davidson-Arnott, Bob Henderson
  • Biographical Project – Lorne Bruce (Chair) Trudy Bodak, Barbara Clubb, RIck Ficet
  • Education – Deb Thomas (Chair), Tom Eadie, Todd Kyle
  • Finance – Bob Henderson (Chair)
  • Indigenous Student Bursary – Deb Thomas (Chair), Bob Henderson, Tom Eadie, Lorisia MacLeod
  • ELAN - Newsletter – Frances Davidson-Arnott (Chair), Jean Weihs, Suzette Giles, Wendy Newman, Susan Ibbetson, Vivienne James, Judy Dunn, Leslie McGrath. Jo Calvert is ELAN editor.
  • Nominations – Tom Eadie (Chair), Deb Thomas
  • Public Relations – Frances Davidson-Arnott, Jan Jacobson, Jim Montgomery, Doug Robinson (LAC Liaison), Cynthia Teitelman, John Warrener, Liz Warrener
  • Recruitment and Member Services – Frances Davidson-Arnott, Bob Henderson, Vivienne James
  • Website, Facebook and Listserv – Lorne Bruce (website and listserv), Donna Burton (Facebook), Barbara Clubb (website), David Harvie (website)
  • W. Kaye Lamb Award – Christina Wilson (Chair), Todd Kyle, Donna Burdon, Anne Smith (CFLA)

Group picture of Ex Libris Board Members, 2019

Ex Libris board members in 2019

From left to right: Tom Eadie (President), Jean Weihs (Recording Secretary), Elizabeth Ridler (Past President), Rick Ficek, Vivienne James, Wendy Newman, Bob Henderson (Treasuer & Membership Secretary).

Absent: Nancy Williamson (Archivist), Donna Burton, Michael Moir, Alvin Schrader.

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