The Canadian association dedicated to people whose careers have been in libraries, archives, publishing, and information work

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Ex Libris Association Membership

The Ex Libris Association (ELA) is the Canadian national association interested in current and historical issues about libraries, archives, publishing houses, and related institutions and people. Membership is open to all interested parties but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired librarians, library technicians, archivists, records managers, information technologists, and those who have worked or are working in or with libraries, archives, museums, etc. If you have worked as an information professional, you can benefit from joining ELA.

How to Join ELA

Membership costs $35 per year. You can print and complete our MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE AND FORM then return it with a cheque to our mailing address, use an email e-transfer, OR

pay online at our site with the registered charity, CanadaHelps OR

If you are a retired member of the Ontario Library Association, membership in both is only $50 per year, through OLA. You can combine the benefits of two associations by joining at OLA’s website and choosing the option “ELA membership and OLA retired membership - joint membership” at the Ontario Library Association website.

Your membership benefits

  • Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances whom you have enjoyed over the years;
  • Attend the Annual Conference, a one-day event held in Toronto featuring a program of speakers on issues and topics of current interest and trends in the library and archives community;
  • Receive ELAN, the Ex Libris Association Newsletter which provides an opportunity for members to share information and keep track of what’s going on in the profession;
  • Attend tours, sponsored talks, virtual presentations, and other events of interest;
  • Help nominate a W. Kaye Lamb Award for Service to Seniors, a biennial award open to all Canadian libraries;
  • Participate on our Facebook site or our Listserv to stay in touch with colleagues, association events, and current news;
  • Be an active participant on ELA committees or the ELA Board;
  • Receive a directory of ELA members updated annually;
  • Receive a tax deduction for your membership fee;
  • Find out about Canadian activities: ELA is a member of Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB).

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